walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

More time, still no power for many

We never lost power.

When my walking partner and I were out today, a man who works for the town stopped, explained he worked for the town, and asked if we had power. We said we did -- never lost it -- and asked how many were still out. A few days ago, it was 700, and the town has made some arrangements for dinners and wifi and things like that. Today, it was about 100, mostly on Notre Dame, Evergreen, and a third that I'd already forgotten before I got to the corner.



Elsewhere in the Northeast, Connecticut is still having a lot of problems.


Of course getting around Vermont is still very, very difficult and for now, they're still asking people to stay away. For Labor Day.


Here's a summary for the larger area affected by the storm:


I wonder if we'll get it all put back together just in time to have more branches come down from Katia? It is times like these that I think R. is right to aggressively cut down trees too close to the house.

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