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rezoning, JW style


I could say oh, so very, very much. After all, there's the I-was-a-JW-and-much-of-my-family-still-is angle. There's the print-on-paper-is-dying angle. There's the development angle.

And there's that whole alternate universe thing, in which, what if D. had convinced the WTBTS to take her on to help out with automation back in the late 80s? Would she still have developed health problems? Would it have led to a qualitatively different sort of crisis? Would she still have gotten married? Odds on, if that had worked out, I would never have come out to visit as a high school graduation present and seen DC for the first time, which means I would have been that much less likely to return to DC with cousins over a decade later, and certainly wouldn't have appreciated the difference that time made in the nature of the city. If she had gone to work for HQ and they had treated her well, would it have impacted my attitude towards the religion and perhaps stuck it out for longer? This is probably all just an artifact of a total loss of concentration.

Wondering where they are going to?


Apparently, Warwick, NY.

ETA: Above, I say "There's the print-on-paper-is-dying angle". I was sort of kidding. I shouldn't have been.


Front page is downloadable, multiple format magazines, yearbook, publications, etc. Geez.
Tags: real estate, religion, zoning
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