walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Money and Relationships

I'd love to post something clever and thought-provoking about media devices. It would involve listing a bunch of companies that have amassed portfolios of licensing agreements for media. And companies which are at war -- either through the proxy of those portfolios, or over patents in courts -- with each other in making sure their device/ecosystem survives.

If I were exceptionally clever, I could even point out how these people are probably keeping score through the Forbes billionaires list. And how they own ranches next to each other or at least sort of nearby, and how conservation organizations live to figure out ways the environment can benefit from their massive land purchases. I might make a snotty remark about how these devices only exist because of the massive relationship skills of the people who make the ecosystems happen, relationship skills not necessarily enjoyed by those of us who are enthralled by them (or even by those who imagined them in the first place and inspired the ones who built them).

Skill at relationships is absolutely necessary to making our economy go and to making money. But how that works out in the details is wildly improbable.

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