walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

After Irene

School started today. Well, it started for T. There were schools in the state that were supposed to open which did not, due to flooding, power outages and similar. B. lost power for a few hours on Sunday. Yesterday morning, one of my friends on the loop I walk had been out of power for about 24 hours and was expecting visitors today; I forgot to look to see if the responsible branch had been cleared or not.

But nothing here can compare what is happening to one of our northern neighbors.


The _best_ season for New England is, without question or any possible shadow of a doubt, the fall. The second best season is arguably winter.

"The timing of the storm, at the end of summer and before the Labor Day holiday weekend, was particularly troubling for businesses whose peak season comes in the fall and winter when visitors flock to see leaves turn colours and for skiing."

I hope the waters recede soon.

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