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Searching for Multifamily blogs and finding wastewater treatment

In the course of searching for multifamily blogs, I've stumbled across some things. This will be another one of those extensively edited to add things that makes virtually no sense at all.


What does this mean?

You can think of Trammell Crow as a really big pile of money and management that develops, manages and sometimes buys/sells real estate, mostly residential but also mixed use and possible Other. DC's public transport system sold a parking lot to Trammell Crow. The parking lot is at a public transport station. Trammell Crow intends to build a lot of residential and some shopping in this development. The shopping part includes a supermarket. So: transit oriented development (TOD) _with a freaking supermarket_. Wow. Quite stunningly cool. I should probably look at a transit map to understand where this thing is. I wonder how many 3 bedrooms they plan on putting in. I wonder what the school district is . . .

Ah. A couple miles from Tyson's Corner. It's on the Orange Line; I think the Silver Line is going out to Tyson's Corner. All of the above in Fairfax. The project has been in the works since before the bust, so it's all of a piece with other projects being brought back to life.

From the same source:


What do they mean, rebound in Detroit?

Possibly things like this:


and this:


Not sure if this is relevant, even by my loose standards, but anyway:


Comments thread an even mix of infuriatingly useless anti-density screed and some interesting discussion about nearing a shift from most-adults-in-SF to most-adults-in-MF in Seattle. You can't really understand the code by _reading_ it; that's like thinking you can understand Xtianity by only reading some version of the Bible. Practice matters -- what is _done_ with the text is arguably the only important thing; the contents of the text are not strictly speaking necessary, and are definitely not sufficient. I haven't read the extended entries on the contents of the code; I'm going to go sleep now and contemplate returning to this.
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