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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

We went to Cape Cod to stay at an oceanfront cottage in South Yarmouth. There, we were joined by my sister and her family (4 people) and another friend (not all in the same cottage). We were nominally there for a Saturday-Saturday stay, however, we came back today because we didn't want to be caught up in any hypothetical traffic insanity that might develop tomorrow.

Unlike every other recent vacation or trip to visit family with T., he did not attempt to head home more or less as soon as we arrived. In fact, he didn't want to leave the cottage even for ordinary outings like the golden arches or the grocery store which was mildly problematic. Fortunately, he did want to go out and play in the ocean a couple times a day. A. wanted nothing to do with water (typical for her right now -- the only water she likes is the sink or water tables), but loved playing in the sand.

We brought electronics and there was wifi. We had some problems, but they were able to get them fixed. They recurred, but the fix was repeatable, which put this in the inconvenient category instead of in the complain about the facilities category. Based on rooms at two different resorts and a cottage at one, we'd recommend Red Jacket as a safe choice and good for families. While not problem free, management seems to work hard and basically effectively to fix anything that might be bothering you (missing tray from weber grill, aging flapper valve in toilet tank, dead lightbulb, etc.). We also went to Red Jacket up in North Conway earlier in the summer. That was a basically good experience as well, altho our particular room was really musty.

While we were on Cape Cod, we felt an earthquake. Also, Irene's track moved westward, prompting me to decide that not only was there no reason to spend Friday night just to get up and go home Saturday morning; there was no reason to stick around Friday day just to go home Friday evening and possibly encounter traffic jams of other people leaving ahead of the storm. This worked well for us.

I probably had too much fried food while there (I kept getting fried whole belly clams platters when we got takeout), but the only one of us to get sunburned was R., who was wearing a new mountain biking helmet while out on the road bike -- without the spf beanie. His bald head got sunburned in a really amusing (well, not so much to him) pattern, and he complained about how hot it was (even when the AC had chilled things very effectively) everywhere until I took a look at his head and realized what had happened.

The kids played very nicely with their cousins. T. and C. chased each other around on the seawall very interactively. It was fun to watch. Less fun was A. running on the seawall and dropping a leg into a hole, abrading the back of one thigh pretty bad. It is healing well. I had a moment of panic, as we know someone who only recently got out of the hospital after a MRSA thing.

I think the most annoying part of the trip was T.'s on-and-off runs which we believe happened because he kept swallowing seawater (not on purpose, unlike A., who _was_ drinking seawater today and we kept having to stop her). Fortunately, he got to the potty in time very consistently.
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