walkitout (walkitout) wrote,


We felt it here in South Yarmouth. Post is locked friends-only until we return from our trip.

News coverage says it was 5.8 or 5.9 and centered near Richmond and Charlottesville in Virginia. Parts of DC government buildings evacuated and stuff fell down, swayed, etc. Coverage also says that the Obama reporter entourage felt it on Martha's Vineyard. [ETA: My sister's neighbor had some stuff fall off the walls in northern Virginia.]

R., who is visiting from Seattle, was sitting on a kitchen stool (classic for noticing weak quakes, in my limited experience). R. was standing over by the door and couldn't feel it at all. I was sitting at the table and noticed it in a chair (so stool not necessary, just helpful). However, I was initially wondering if maybe we were falling into the ocean, since we are in a cottage right on the beach (hey, I'm really paranoid). Once I established that that wasn't going to happen and there was no nearby heavy machinery, we started looking for a local, weak quake. Boy was that theory wrong.
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