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Newton, multifamily, school enrollment


I would particularly draw attention to this:

"“We seem to attract many, many students,” said Committee Chairwoman Claire Sokoloff. “There are other high-performing schools that haven’t gotten the same [enrollment increases] as ours, and it’s a credit to our system that we continue to grow.”"

What a lovely, humane and welcoming response to a difficult situation.

Newton produces enrollment analyses that are readily available online and they have a bunch of big multifamily complexes (2 by Avalon). Even tho all the rental units (including market rate) in a 40b development count towards whether they make 10% or not, they haven't reached 10%.


The projections for Avalon at Chestnut Hill were low to about the same degree that the 2nd Avalon development in Lexington proved to be low.


My estimate (.4 * number of units) is coming in a little for these complexes.

According to City Data's websites, median gross rent in Newton is about $300 less than in Lexington.

One of the enrollment analyses (might not be the one I pointed to) or perhaps a blog entry that I've lost track of, mentioned that there's a lot of tear down activity in Newton (tear a single family down and built a duplex in its place). While they can pretty easily track big new multifamily complexes (and they do) when projecting future enrollment, it's trickier to try to get a sense of the effect of all those individual single family -> two unit changes.

While no zoning process is free from struggle, the Newton process appears to be productive and generally satisfactory -- or at least everyone is well-behaved when there are representatives from the press running around.
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