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Obviously, Maynard has affordable housing. Also, Maynard has a McDonald's with a drive through, that has recently been razed and redeveloped.

Maynard has another MacDonald, too: James G. MacDonald of MacDonald Development Corporation. We've found three projects: Maynard Place and Maynard Commons (I think both completed, apartment complexes) and a third one that hasn't started yet. His buildings are low-key and fit in well with the town while still being very attractive (this is a bit of a trick in Maynard: the brick and the mill stuff is super cool, but everything is old and aging). Even more stunning, MacDonald has assembled multiple lots for these projects -- something that I _thought_ should be happening, but could find no evidence of.


That latter one also includes discussion of the new Walgreens building.

Here's a summary of Maynard Mixed Use development goals and how MacDonald is contributing to them:


I have not been able to figure out what fraction of housing in Maynard qualifies as affordable, however, I cannot imagine they are not above 10%. MacDonald is contributing towards "land protection" rather than including affordable housing units in his developments.

I like Maynard. They incubate excellent restaurants.

I will further note that if I were a developer in metrowest, I'd always show up asking for 15-30% more units than I actually intended to build. It's as if multifamily has a knockdown process.

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