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gearhead missed post

I just realized that I hadn't even mentioned several of the recent BabyWearing acquisitions.

The BabyWearing Poncho, because I remember being in Disneyland in huge rainstorms:


Wind makes umbrellas iffy there sometimes. I remember.

The fanny pack diaper bag, because of the jacket and vest -- they probably won't be compatible with the Ergo backpack strapped onto the back of the Ergo carrier:


The jacket, that I had a helluva time finding in XL:


The vest, which is what I think will be most appropriate for D-land, with the poncho:


And for those who may or may not know about what I already have, they are all Ergo products.

I have the wool coat, which is the same shape as this, but not the same fabric:


The carrier (which is the only carrier that has worked consistently for me; the Kozy worked for a while, but then the kid started fussing):


The backpack, which attaches to the back of the baby carrier:


And the front pouch, so I can reach my keys, wallet, cell phone, lipbalm ...


That velcro belt thing velcros onto a regular belt quite nicely, so you can avoid losing it if you take the carrier/backpack off.

I think I have now spent about as much money on carriers and baby wearing gear (when you add in the Kozy, two Sutemis and that Kangaroo thing that was such a dead loss) as a Bugaboo would cost. Which strikes me as beyond stupid, but if you ever wondered where I just fritter money away, here it is.

I had _no idea_ this market category (baby wearing clothing) even existed until a month or so ago. I had heard about the Amautik (which Native Alaskans use) and went looking for someone selling them on the web. Which I found.


But I also stumbled upon the Papoose coat, and that's when I took the dive to buy the whole Ergo package, since I knew someone who swore by them (R.'s former coworker T. -- altho she definitely steered us wrong on the Kangaroo thingie, it seemed worth a shot based on all the other reviews I read) and I hadn't tried a new carrier in a while so I felt cocky again. After I bought the papoose coat, I stumbled across the Suse's jacket, one of the few choices that might be big enough for me (a lot of the mama-baby coats top out at size 12 or 14). The papoose coat worked well out here, but the D-land trip gave me pause. I was going to need something, and the wool cloak was going to be too warm. Back to the internets to see what I could find. The big problem then was coming up with a coat/carrier/diaper bag solution; no point sticking everything else on my back and then carrying the damn bag in my hand.

I think it's a pity I never knew about this stuff. It makes babywearing a lot more possible. Of course, there is still the learning curve of getting the kid up there on one's own, and then getting the coat on over the kid (I can do this with the papoose coat, but it is tricky).

Because we do still use the stroller (and you can't really jog with a baby on your back, at least, I understand it's not very good for the baby, and I can't imagine it would feel that great to me, either), I've also picked up a stroller bag. We'll see if that makes it possible to still go out for a walk/jog when it's below freezing.

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