walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Arena Farms

We drive past the former Arena Farms quite often. I believe R. thought that it was bought just before the crash and so development was placed on hold. With other development thawing out, I figured I'd track down this deal. It was _not_ what I recollected from R., but perhaps I misunderstood.



The previous owners had a fire and some bad seasons and were looking at foreclosure. Various ideas were floated including affordable housing or a town farm (don't laugh; we spend a ridiculous amount of time at Great Brook Farm feeding the goats pellets and the kids ice cream), but Concord Academy bought it to make playing fields and tennis courts. They say they might share with town leagues; it'll be interesting to see whether that makes people like them or just leads to disagreeableness. You never know when it comes to field time.
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