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And of course the usual: bitching about child care not showing up. Yesterday, the dog was throwing up. Oh well. Teddy and I went to Hampshire Hills and played in the pool. Then, on the way out, he saw the windows on the nursery and asked to go in and play. So I got to get the chlorine off me in a real shower. Woohoo!

I napped with him today, because I was tired. I feel better now, and he's still asleep. We went grocery shopping this morning.

Gearhead mama: ordered the Kinder Jacket after all, since I finally found someone who had one in stock in XL. The toiletries bag from eBags arrived and is quite nifty. Dunno if I mentioned it, but the Cable Stable also arrived; it, too, is cool. I'm slowly assembling all the fiddly things that usually take hours to track down the day before departure. By dint of buying duplicate toiletries, I'm hoping to be packed well in advance of the trip this time. Ha! Like that will happen.

D. is going to be joining us in Disneyland! Flies in late late late on the 3rd and out on the morning of the 6th, so only three days in the park, but that means R. gets to work at least one full day, and probably some half days. Plus, the kid will have extra special fun seeing D. again. I bought plane tickets and shuttle spaces for D. yesterday. We have a suite so he'll fit in there nicely with us. Still need to get him ParkHopper tickets. And I should probably tell the rest of the group there may be one more adult for lunch at the Blue Bayou.

And I think I've figured out why all the panicky Must Buy BabyWearing Clothes gearheadiness is going on. A year ago, first in Leavenworth while xcountry skiing with R., and then in Seattle, when O. took the kid out for a long outing, Teddy got really chilled when someone had bundled themselves up and then strapped the kid on outside all those warm clothes. No radiant body heat to keep Teddy warm, and Teddy wasn't bundled well enough (and probably you can't bundle a baby that small up well enough) to stay warm. That was the beginning of me and trouble trusting child care. So I think what I've been trying to do with the credit card is acquire enough babywearing outerwear that no matter who straps the kid on on a cold day, they have an appropriate choice to put over themselves AND the kid so everyone stays happy, healthy and toast warm.

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