walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

News Flash: Bag Lunches Get Too Warm


"In the first study of its kind, researchers in Texas visited nine preschool child-care centers on three separate occasions and measured the temperature of hundreds of sandwiches, yogurts, and other perishable lunch foods brought from home, using a heat-sensing gun.

What they found shocked them: 97% percent of meats, 99% of dairy, and 99% of vegetables were stored at unsafe temperatures. Of the 1,361 perishable foods that were tested, only 22 were at temperatures considered safe."

I'm not sure what to do with this. _Obviously_ this is true, but it's _been_ true forever and, arguably, things are better than they ever have been (refrigeration of lunches is actually sort of an option, and a mylar insulated lunch sack with space for an ice pack has become the standard at Gymboree when doing back-to-school shopping. It wasn't that long ago when I was making my own mylar lunch sacks out of a roll of mylar insulation and electrical tape, because you couldn't buy a small enough cooler to take on a day hike.). And that really is the point at which you _can_ both study and complain about a problem: when a solution is possible but the will is yet lacking to reach for that solution.

But shocking? Really? You find this shocking? I find two days of rioting in Tottenham shocking. I find a right-wing Norwegian bombing the oil ministry and massacring adolescent activists shocking. I find waves of revolution in the Middle East shocking. I find waterboarding and the Patriot Act shocking.

Warm school lunches? Are you kidding me? _YES_ we should fix this. I don't need to be shocked to feel that this is something we should add to the middle-class-package-of-parenting-expectations. (Altho _no_ I am not prepared to sign up for whatever their "safe" temperatures were. I leave baked goods out on the counter for two-three days sometimes and they're just fine.)

I'm going to go back to obsessive research into property management trends now.
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