walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Policing the Twenty-First Century


Waltham is using FB and Twitter and an app to distribution information (traffic, parking bans, Amber alerts, public safety issues).

"Additionally, the department has partnered with Citizen Observer/tip411, a company that offers group alerting and anonymous tip tools, to establish unidentifiable tiplines via text, Facebook and the police website."

And, in an effort to keep crowds of drunken, er, young men from doing foolish things, BC Police are trying lollipops:


"She is taking her cue from the United Kingdom, where police officers and bar staff routinely hand out lollipops."

There are concerns about doing this as more than a one-time stunt: food allergies and hey-we're-carrying-too-much-stuff-already. One solution: get the bars to pass them out. I have this vision of bars of the near future: to one side of the door, a bowl of free condoms, on the other, a bowl of free lollipops. . .

I had no idea reading stories about police techniques could be so much fun. Maybe I'll do this more often.

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