walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

El Huipil


Today, R. and I went to lunch. I suggested some possibilities, and we ultimately wound up in Maynard trying to find a tacqueria he thought he had seen a sign board for. We found it! El Huipil. And it is excellent. It is very new (started last September, according to their website).


It is counter service, with beverages in coolers; they have no ice. I got a chicken burrito. I believe R. got the carnitas. Their beans were _perfect_. Nothing too salty, either. They have huipils decorating the wall behind the counter. Of course, I didn't know what a huipil was when we were there; I only figured out that's why the dress/blouses after I came home and looked up the restaurant so we would have the number for takeout later. Google translate let me down; I resorted to "define huipil".

Of course nothing is as perfectly wonderful as the Boca Grande in Cambridge, however, this is wonderful and it is wonderfully close to where we live.

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