walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

FLDS, Warren Jeffs

Warren Jeffs has fired his lawyers (apparently again). Attempts by his lawyers to get the evidence from the raid excluded failed. Warren Jeffs intends to represent himself.



Since the raid evidence (including DNA) is in, on one level, it seems pretty easy to predict how this is going to turn out.

On another level, however, I feel that this is the point at which, if this were a genre novel, and I were blogging about it, I would say, "Antics ensue". From the Reuters coverage, Jeffs refused to enter a plea, so the court recorded "Not guilty". And quotes from Jeffs include:

""My counsel doesn't have the full understanding of the facts and are unable to assist in my defense," Jeffs told the court in a slow, halting voice as he explained his move to fire his counsel.

"I have trained my defense, but they were unable to do what I said. I am presenting the need for true justice to be presented, and for the truth to come out.""

If this were a novel, that sounds like the point at which the character admits to doing what they were thought to have done, but heads out on a deranged rant about how it was somehow sacred/spiritual/justified. Wonder how much of that he'll get to engage in as part of the trial?

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