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Attacks in Norway, Texas Board of Education, Canada infections in the News

Several things caught my eyes in the news today.

First, a big explosion (persistently not being confirmed yet as a bomb) in government buildings in Oslo, Norway. The Prime Minister's office was damaged badly but he was not in it at the time. Nevertheless, this report is saying that seven are confirmed dead and more injured. The target may have been the oil ministry. The city center was less busy than it might have been because of summer vacations.


Meanwhile, a summer camp run by the Labour Party in Norway was attacked by a gunman possibly dressed as a policeman, who has been arrested. Not a lot of detail yet on casualties. This article is the first one I've seen to describe fora in which people are praising the attacks and possibly taking credit for them (credibly or otherwise). [ETA July 26 NOT Credibly. This was done by a native Norwegian and included a manifesto, polypharmacy, and the delusional hope he was about to spark a revolution. It's a pity we retired the word "megalomania". Total deaths 76, as near as I can tell.]

In completely unrelated news, the Texas Board of Education "voted unanimously" to approve "mainstream" science curricular materials (not textbooks: "supplemental materials" and reject others that advocated intelligent design/questioned the validity of evolution.


Even more unrelated, Canadian press bemoaning the rate of "health-care associated infection" in Canada, with both Europe and the US doing better.


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