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Update on Crash


Yes: all the expected stereotypes apply.

RHI [ETA: R. asked me what RHI stands for and this may have contributed to the negative response by the abusive commenter. RHI = Rumor has it. I was repeating what I heard from someone who was at the plaza at the time of the accident, and who talked to other people who were at the plaza at the time of the accident. I don't know the people who told her this stuff, so I labeled it "rumor", altho I now understand RHI is not obviously "rumor" to every reader. My apologies. ] he walked away from the accident and the injury to the young woman involved a broken bone. Let's hope they all learned their lesson (something involving NOT speeding down a residential street -- hey, MY street -- in the dark and missing the curve).

However, googling "jacob victor acton ma" turned this up from a couple years ago:


"Jacob Ross Victor, 17, of 10 Heather Hill Road, Acton, was arrested April 24 and charged with disorderly conduct."

So I guess I wouldn't be too optimistic.

ETA (after the abusive commenter showed up):

(1) I pulled that quote from a public source and the public source is named above it.
(2) The person in question is _not_ a child (they are now 19 years old).

ETA Yet again:

Here's what Offical Journalism Types Say About Naming a Minor:



File this under, oh, for *'s sake:


"Jacob Ross Victor, 17, of 10 Heather Hill Road, Acton, was arrested May 25 and charged with shoplifting by concealing merchandise"

I didn't pull that off google; I went to wickedlocal and typed "Jacob Victor" into the search box. I'm going to quote something else from the site:

"The following are excerpts from the Acton public safety log for period May 25 through May 31. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. If an individual listed is found not guilty, The Beacon will print that information here at the request of the individual and upon verification with the court or police."

Word to the wise.

ETA Jul 22 3:40 p.m. EDT:


Looks like the turn-around time for him at Emerson was pretty short. "Parisi said the accident remains under investigation." The article describes booking and arraignment.

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