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Chaos and Mayhem in Small Town New England

I haven't found news coverage. Yet.

Last night, we took the kids out to go get fries, but rather than go through a drive through in Maynard, we went to the one in Ayer with the Play Space, where A. promptly (and completely accidentally) spilled almost an entire chocolate milk. Also, the touch screen computer wasn't working. There was a bunch of argument about juice boxes (T. didn't want them and wanted to throw them away, until we were in the van leaving, at which point he insisted on drinking one. Go figure.). Then we went to Kimball Farm to get ice cream, where A. (this is shocking) was uncooperative. Turned out she needed a diaper change.

We eventually -- frazzled -- made it home, while R. and I questioned my judgment about switching from the drive-thru + Great Brook Farm (feed farm animals!) routine on account of the heat.

Things went relatively well at home: the kids were nuts but we were clear by that point that they were exhausted and they went to bed quickly. Then the real fun started. Lots of very _very_ fast drivebys on our ordinarily utterly silent (at least at night) street and a lot of flashing lights and even some sirens. This is a town that avoids sirens, too, especially late at night (it was after 11 p.m., which counts as very late around here). This morning, we found out why, but at the time, we were much more concerned about a more disturbing sound closer to home: the downstairs A/C fan motor appears to have a failed bearing. It's still working but it is _loud_. And with the current forecast, when R. called this morning we found out we won't be able to get someone out here to fix it until Friday. Could be worse: it could be the upstairs A/C, where our bedrooms are.

R. says the ruckus a little further away is a road closure a quarter mile from us because someone's extremely bad driving cut up the mulch and took out at least two telephone poles. (<-- That's the part I'm looking for news coverage of.)

Fun night. It's not even a full moon. That was a few days ago.

ETA: B. says she was at a restaurant (after close) that lost power as a result of a single car accident, possibly two people in the car, possibly one ejected, passenger rumored to be in the hospital. I still can't find news coverage. RHI moving at 100 mph.

I'm glad to hear that no one outside the vehicle was affected beyond the power loss and general tragedy of cleanup. This kind of accident can be much, much more lethal.

ETAYA: B. found coverage! Two people went to the hospital. M., my walking partner, lost power as a result and got it back around 7 a.m.


Judging by the photos, a convertible BMW. While I absolutely sympathize with the desire to go over a hundred miles an hour in a convertible -- especially in a smooth, purring BMW that really seems to have a sweet spot above 85 mph -- NOT ON A TWO-LANE CURVING ROAD IN A SMALL TOWN. I hope they survive and then spend some time in jail.

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