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Today's Activities Include: farm animals, Tivo app! and a really irritating commenter

I'm not going to name the commenter, because it's really clear the guy is substantially more narcissistic than I had anticipated but you can watch him show up and do exactly what I complained about him doing -- repeatedly, in the face of me being really very snotty to him -- in the comments thread here:


I had to un-spam the first comment and I'm on the fence about whether that was an error in judgment. On the one hand, how much fun is it that someone deserving showed up to collect more abuse from me. On the other hand, he's clearly impervious. I may wind up having to figure out how to ban him.

In completely unrelated news, the Tivo screen said there was an iPhone app, so of course I downloaded it to check it out, and then had to enter in information to make it functional that a really suspicious person might be more reluctant to divulge. Having done so, it means we now have even more remote controls to cause trouble (yum!) and the upstairs Tivo can be programmed from the app because it is a Premiere. But the downstairs Tivo is not a premiere. Bummer. Still, an interesting development, not unlike what I believe can be done with Apple TV (which we do not have).

We took the kids to a variety of places to get crappy food this evening, including Great Brook Farm, which is a working farm and a state park in addition to a place to buy ice cream. They have sheep and goats and other things and if you have quarters, you can get food for the sheep and goats. In the past, only A. has been interested in feeding the animals, but today, T. got really excited and wanted to play, too.

They have the _nicest_ animals, even the goats. My kids are mostly gentle, but A. still is a little confused about how to offer the food to the sheep (I think those nostrils confuse her). But no teeth are ever in evidence. After a few dollars worth of pellets, the goats were more interested in blocking each other's access to the treats than they were in the treats so we eventually moved on.
Tags: genealogy

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