walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Netflix Sends Email

The other day, I got email from Netflix. Here's how Sarah Jacobsson Purewal for PC World reacted to the email:


Netflix is unbundling their streaming video service from their DVD service. I contemplated my recent history with getting DVDs, not watching them and sitting on them indefinitely vs. my occasional streaming and decided that this was a good deal, even tho I often couldn't watch streaming what I wanted. It turns out I'd rather watch something else (or read a book) than watch a DVD. I could speculate about why, but none of the reasons I can think of feel like the reality. This is just how I do things.

I've gotten video (for money or for free) from Amazon, Apple and Netflix. The differences as I experience them are as follow: Apple and Amazon have comparable prices and content, but Amazon works with my Tivo and I don't think iTunes video does, and iTunes works on the iPads and I don't think Amazon does. Netflix has free content, but does not have a lot of the stuff that I want that Apple and Amazon do. I have Prime, but the free to Prime customers content seems roughly comparable to Netflix free content.

None of these things is a compelling winner, which is why I keep checking all of them when I want to watch something, but typically buy from Amazon, because I want to watch it on a big screen and that lets me watch it on either of the screens at the house.

I wish streaming video were better. I don't need it to be cheaper, but I wish somebody would do everything and just charge me more for the privilege. I suppose AppleTV or an Amazon tablet might help.

ETA: I have found differences. Amazon Prime video does not have any Hawaii Five-O episodes; Netflix has the whole series. There are a _ton_ of older TV series where this is the case. I just happen to have a longstanding crush on Jack Lord.

What I find truly bizarre about this experience (streaming video, not Jack Lord) is that I always thought video on demand was a really silly idea. It's a good thing _I'm_ not the person making the decisions about which businesses to pursue. I can't even accurately predict my own preferences.

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