walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Quit or Fired: News Corp Edition

The current version of the right in English speaking countries has displayed remarkable resilience -- or at least reluctance to resign -- in the face of scandal. It took a scheduled vote to boot Ensign from the Senate to get him to "quit".


To be fair, the vote that was about to happen in the Commons wasn't going to be legally binding. But still. Apparently you have to be ready to fire these people before they'll quit -- no amount of omgyoudidWHAT!?! is enough.

ETA: I can't seem to make up my mind how to blog about this idea, so I'll just dump it in here.


and possibly


There was a Doctor Who arc set on Satellite 5/GameStation the included Rose making Captain Jack Harkness immortal (leading to the Torchwood series) and a bunch of snarky stuff about shows like Big Brother and The Weakest Link. When Rose, the Doctor and Adam first arrive on Satellite 5, the Doctor notices that Things are Not As They Should Be, and this is ultimately attributed to changes on Satellite 5 and how those changes distorted human culture.

When the News Corp scandal broke and was so closely associated with News Corp's efforts to expand their ownership of BSkyB, I kept thinking about this arc; it satisfied that buried part of my brain that spends its time looking for pattern matches ... everywhere.

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