walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Garage Door Openers

Vamosi is worried about garage door openers and Adam "Major Malfunction" Laurie's description of how easy it is to rattle through all the possible combinations and open them.

Here's my response to that:


That's from March 2010:

"Police say that in several recent burglaries a thief or thieves broke into cars, found garage door openers, and used those openers to steal items from inside homes. The burglaries happened in western Travis County in the Preserve subdivision and in Barton Creek."

If you have the skill to put together a Linux script to try all the combinations to open a garage door, you can find something much better to do with your skill than to break into random suburban houses. Also, there are usually much, much easier ways to break into random suburban houses than opening the garage door. For those rare cases where it might actually be worth it to break in (even to the skillful person with the Linux script), if you don't have a plan for the security system, you don't have much time to clean the place out.

I may need to stop reading this book. It is incredibly bad.

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