walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Do Not Price Compare to Unavailable


"I went to see if it was available for the Kindle and what the price was and guess what, it’s yet another one where the Kindle version is priced higher than the paper edition. I know some of my friends say that when that happens, they just buy the paper edition. Not so for me. It makes me angry enough that I buy neither one."

This is what happens when you look at the little editions box on Amazon and misread it. The kindle edition in the screen capture is $12.95. The hardcover is $14.85 from Amazon. There are third party sellers, but I think the author's error was comparing the book to the paperback edition, which is listed at $10.20, but when you check, won't actually be available until December 2011 (at which point the kindle edition will be a whole lot less).

If you're _really_ serious about this argument, you should wait until everything is used for a penny before buying it.

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