walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A quick check-in at some authors blogs who post about ebooks

And now, in my traditional, hey, I've checked out the AAP numbers, let's see what other people are saying roundup . . .

Konrath continues to plug his preferred model for the industry going forward: agents helping authors get their book out into the world:


Barry Eisler clarifying why agents helping authors do this are not traditional publishers, where Amazon's T&M fits into this mix, etc.:


Konrath summarizing anecdotal evidence that ebook sales were down in June (posted slightly before the AAP numbers for April came out), and speculating about why that might be.


This is by contrast with Nate Hoffelder's post at The Digital Reader. He believes that new ereaders drive spikes in demand for ebooks and expects a spike in June e-books because of B&N and Kobo product launches:


(AAP June numbers won't be out for another couple months, and they probably won't shine appreciable light on this puzzle when they _do_ come out.)

(And, despite it being wildly off topic for my areas of interest, a post about MWA rules with a big comments thread even for Konrath's blog:


David Derrico's post about the April numbers:


He has a nice table of 13 months of ebook sales revenue according to AAP.

And now my son would like to go to the playground, only I think he's about to wake up his sister. Ooops.

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