walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Teddy still sick or sick again

The fever is gone (yay), what is coming out of his nose is encouragingly clear instead of greenish or yellowish. But he's pooping a lot more, and it's looking a little scary. I think we went through ten diapers a day. We've quit giving him food; he's only betting breastmilk and water until this gets at least somewhat better (and pedialyte, which R. went to go pick up). Everything else he ate seemed to just go straight through him undigested.

R. had something weird lower GI bug after returning from Seattle. I'll probably get it next; I've been feeling really wrung out. We're thinking about cancelling the trip to Jersey for Christmas. Child care cancelled (oh, I'm so not surprised) today so we did not get a few hours to recuperate and/or pack.

I wanted a Christmas at home, anyway. I wanted a tree, too, but you know, this is okay. We haven't cancelled the train or hotel yet, in case we wake up all chipper and happy tomorrow and all energetic to drive two hours to take the train for three on Christmas Eve. Ha.
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