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CBS followup on Reuters


Headlined: There's spam on your Kindle! <-- I did not add that exclamation mark. Blame Ysolt Usigan.

The piece has a big screenshot graphic showing a two star The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo wiki content spam (two stars) right below what the person was presumably looking for. The search produced 29 results. The same search in the kindle store now produces 28 results and does not include what is in the screen shot. I'm going to assume that this means Amazon is one the ball (article time stamped June 17, 2011 3:46 PM) NOT that the author created this screenshot in PhotoShop.

Again, while the article is purportedly pointing out a problem to help buyers beware, and to goad Amazon towards some sort of fix, by providing detailed information on a product to help people perpetrate more of this crap (and by explaining the business model which makes it at least marginally rewarding for someone, if only the person selling the product to help people do this), the effect is ambiguous at best.

Apparently, this is what happens when a style editor covers ebooks.


Welcome to summertime! The journalism just goes downhill from here.
Tags: e-book coverage

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