walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

in Seattle

If you'd like to see us, and we haven't nailed down a time, you should probably call me on my cell and we should figure something out. Soon.

The flights (MHT-MDW/MDW-SEA) were as good as could possibly be expected (not crazy full, on time, nothing lost or damaged). We got into SeaTac at around 3:30. Oops! Forgot about rush hour. However, despite leaving from the rental car lot at 4:20, between the reverse up to Seattle, HOV lanes, reversible lanes, and getting off at the U-district exit, we went the speed limit the whole way, other than that 3/4 mile or so where the HOV lanes end and the reversible lane hasn't yet started. That part was stop and go.

We still have power, despite a nasty wind storm today/tonight.

The too-good-to-be-true deal I found in the U district (University Motel Suites, just over $70/night for a one bedroom suite with a full kitchen, but no d/w) was NOT too good to be true. It's aged and funky, but in a great way. Teddy slept until 7 a.m. (miraculous, considering that's the first day west coast time) and we had breakfast at Costa's before going to Whole Foods. We'd been too tired to go out after flying in and just had dinner at Cedar's (yum).

After a brief nap in the car, Teddy was unable to get back to sleep, so after R.'s dentist appointment (last minute cancellation, and in walking distance of the hotel) we headed to Zoomazium, which, due to the weather (hey, it's indoors! It's a _bad_ windstorm; no one wants to _drive_) was nearly empty. When Teddy looked about ready to completely lose it, we put him to sleep in the car and then got burgers at Red Mill. He kept sleeping back at the hotel (thank goddess), so he was reasonably civilized when company showed up for dinner at 6:30 or so. We got take out from Mandarin Chef, and I'm now completely ready to quit eating out, so we'll start in on the groceries tomorrow morning.

We've got lunch and dinner plans for tomorrow -- lunch is out (Chaco's! Okay, not completely ready to quit eating out); dunno about dinner. We have some halibut and some salmon. Not enough to feed four adults, but we could get some additional stuff and have dinner in, which is sounding more tempting all the time.

We did not bring enough (hardly any, actually) toys with us -- the little wooden puppet, the small magna doodle -- so I made an emergency toy run to the Walgreen's across the street. Thomas the Tank Engine (18 months and up) is cool, and basically safe, but the regulator on Thomas has already stopped working properly, and Teddy thinks the track is a puzzle which is actually substantially too difficult for him. The crayons have left a (hopefully not permanent) mark on the dining table. I have not yet screwed up the courage to unpack the Mr. Potato Head (2 years and up, so hopefully no major choking hazards in it). We did play with the train part of the toy on the kitchen floor for the duration of R.'s shower. Otherwise, the best toy in the hotel is, as usual, the bed, which I've been saying, "Are you ready? Are you ready?" to Teddy repeatedly before dropping him on it, which makes him laugh hysterically, and effectively distracts him from just about anything. He is now saying, "Ready!" back, clearly enough that R.B. recognized it without any prompting. Kinda cool.

Teddy also now has a cold. Predictable.

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