walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Tracy Morgan at the Ryman in Nashville

I was skimming google news when I ran across this:


which pointed me to this:


To be clear: I _wanted_ to like Tracy Morgan. I tried really hard. It was abundantly clear that a lot of people who I do like like Tracy Morgan. But I had reached a point where if he was being interviewed on NPR or the Daily Show or whatever, I changed the channel/station or fast forwarded or something else to avoid listening to him. Mostly because he's had a long history of turning mean in the middle of a funny series of jokes and picking on some group that I don't feel deserves what he is dishing out. I like humor. I don't like humor used to sandwich bullying, and that's what I felt like he was doing.

I was prepared, until this happened, to chalk this up to my idiosyncratic (some would argue non-existent) sense of humor.

No more. Turns out I was _right_ about the humor/bully sandwich.

This guy's homophobic, and we need to apply enough pressure to him to ensure that he doesn't just "make nice" so he keeps his job(s), but actually has a genuine change of heart. Good human beings do _not_ feel the way he does about having a gay child, and if a good human being detects such feelings within them, they feel bad about them and work hard to root them out.
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