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Memories and Food

Yeah, okay, feel free to go there for a while. I'll still be here when you come back.

All right. Amazon is having this sale for ebooks by mainstream publishers (more than the Big 6). It put me over the edge on buying David Kessler's _The End of Overeating_. You shouldn't buy it, or even get it from the library, unless you can skim. It isn't worth your time. Yes, he covers a lot of research, but he misunderstands or misinterprets virtually all of it. This isn't much of a surprise to me; there's a reason I didn't buy it when it came out. I may _LOVE_ this topic, but not enough to make up for the problems this book has.

I just hit the section on the origins of Cinnamon and had a Moment. Apparently Brusseau was making and selling her gran's cinnamon rolls in a cafe in Snohomish in the early 1980s, before opening the first Cinnabon down in Federal Way. It's entirely possible I _ate_ those early cinnamon rolls. We used to go up to Snohomish about once a month or so on weekends to go antique-ing in that time period.

The next chapter is about food-as-entertainment, which Kessler claims hadn't occurred to him before. My father used to keep track of every penny in and out in ledgers and he regularly put eating-out expenses into the entertainment column. Whenever we complained that we never spent any money on entertainment, he'd point to the totals and say, yes we do. When we figured out what we were doing, he got reamed by all of us. I think the compromise was that he was not allowed to put food as fuel (in particular, stopping for a hamburger or similar between knocking on doors and going to the Kingdom Hall) in the entertainment column, but he could put nice, leisurely meals at sit down restaurants in the entertainment column. Those latter were rare, so the number in that column went down a lot.

Of course, the number in the food column went up, leading to some bitter recriminations about the rising cost of groceries. I think we just rolled our eyes at that one, and a few years later my mother quit cooking and they resorted to a lot of take-out and frozen dinners.
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