walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

it's Tuesday and I remembered!

We went to the playgroup above town hall. Big, hardwood floor, windows on two walls space. Echoy. LOUD with even a few kids. There were about three mamas and one papa there before us. Teddy took 10 or so minutes of just sitting on the floor between my legs, back pressed tightly to my belly, before he'd even consider doing anything else. I thought this was because it was his first time, but as I saw more people arrive, I saw other kids (who had been there before) go through the _exact same process_. I think it's the sound profile -- it takes some adjusting to.

Two papas total for the day, and maybe a dozen mamas. I'd met most of them either at the playground or at lapsit. Some of my favorites were missing, but at least one of the women I like (the native-Italian speaker) was there with her daughter. The toys are still good -- there are batteries with charge left in them, most of the pieces of most toys are present and findable. Nothing is obviously broken in a dangerous or unusable way. I think we'll donate any unwanted toys we get to this.

I think starting out this way made for a better day. Yesterday we had a lot of conflict, mostly tantrums associated with wanting at the vacuum cleaners and then being very frustrated trying to do stuff with them that he just couldn't accomplish. And then, inevitably, me taking the vacuum cleaners away from him because he had completely lost it and couldn't settle down.

Dunno what we'll do tomorrow. It's a little too cold for the playground.
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