walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

USDA Dinner Plate

Well, it shouldn't be a surprise, I guess, that the USDA has revised the dietary chart. This is pretty quick turnaround from 2005, and 2005 was an incremental revision of the 1992 pyramid (albeit a truly horrifying increment).

There's this whole thing I'm tempted to get into about the plate vs. the bowl, never mind the glass of milk. But I'm just going to leave it alone and point out that CSPI's Margo Wootan and Marion Nestle both think this thing is a huge improvement and leave it at that. Because it _is_ a huge improvement.


Do I have a problem with the idea that there's a whole chunk of the plate devoted to "protein", a macronutrient found in all the other sections? Sure. (But I'm happy that this thing is finally vegetarian friendly, even if it has another step to go before being vegan friendly.) As a lactose intolerant and milk allergic woman, do I roll my eyes at the glass of milk? Absolutely.

But it is _soooooo_ much better than 2005 that words cannot adequately express how pleased I am that this new strategy was adopted.
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