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Charlaine Harris, _Dead Reckoning_ (kindle) book 11

I'm still enjoying the books. I tried watching the TV show and just couldn't, and I know at least one person in the reverse situation (likes the show, uninterested in the books).

If you dropped in here from google, I'm big on spoilers. As in, my reviews almost always contain them.

The book opens with Claude, Dermot and Sookie cleaning out storage space in Sookie's house. Over the course of the book, a hidden letter from Gran is found, along with a fae artifact capable of granting a wish and the probable reason why Claude and Dermot and other Fae Really, Really, Really like hanging out at Sookie's place. Sookie learns more about her fae heritage (from the letter, from the fae, from Mr. Cataliades), including the source of her and Hunter's telepathy.

Victor continues to be a complete pain in the arse. This book is essentially about Eric, Pam, Sookie and assorted assistants finally deciding to do something about it. Needless to say, another Fangtasia bartender takes sides with the wrong team and dies for it (<-- not much of a spoiler).

This book also finally wraps up the Pelt story line, with Sandra getting out of prison and trying a wide variety of tactics to kill Sookie. Obviously, she fails. Sookie's latest idea for body disposal is the portal in the woods that Claude and Dermot told her about. Brilliant, in an ew sort of way. Bubba makes a key appearance. Sookie runs to Bill in a time of need (mostly for his safe hiding space). Amelia figures out a way to break the bond between Sookie and Eric Northman. And Mr. Cataliades sends the Leeds from the Shakespeare books to help deal with some of the people hired by Sandra -- it's always mildly amusing to see Lily in action, and of course it's nice to be reminded of that other series (if there are Aurora Teagarden references in the Stackhouse books, I'm missing them because I haven't read those books).

I hope we see more of Cataliades (and Diantha!) in future entries. I like the sense that is slowly building over the course of the series that while a lot of supes have low (or no, or not recognizably human) morals, that is not universal, and Cataliades and Diantha actually agree with Sookie on a number of moral points that she can't seem to get across to some of the other people in her life.
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