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LIFO and Dana Goldstein

Ezra Klein has some guest bloggers so I figured I'd go check out some new blogs. In particular, I figured I'd poke a toe into education politics, since I recently had a conversation with A. and A. is one of my indicators for things-everyone-will-shortly-become-obsessed-with. A.'s tried a variety of educational choices for her children, and is both very open-minded and very realistic about the pros and cons. She also values education beyond the 3Rs and knows that people can become good at a job via a variety of paths.

Anyway. I stumbled across this entry in Dana Goldstein's blog:


Now, I don't care who you are, or what topic you are writing on, if you write about the etymology and use of LIFO, you're going to get my attention. And I was genuinely puzzled by this entry. A few posts later (earlier in the order I was reading them), Goldstein does a nice job breaking down where the money is coming from in education philanthropy, and let's just say that Bill Gates Has Influence. Yet the entire discussion of LIFO is focused on accounting.

I _cannot_ imagine (literally Can Not) that Bill Gates could get all involved in anything and fail to import a computer-y science-y view of the world. And that view is going to include ideas like LIFO. I can't speak to where the term originally came from or when it specifically entered the education debate (Goldstein presents a believable case). But I cannot help but feel that a big chunk of the story -- what happened behind what gotten written up -- is missing.
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