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PECS is a trademarked/licensed product, so I'm not really talking about PECS. I am, however, talking about using little customized pictures as a way to communicate when talking isn't working so well for some reason.

T. had a binder with a bunch of little square pictures representing different things (nouns and verbs) that he and anyone else might want to communicate about. This binder was recently excavated to see if we could re-use some of it to improve A.'s ability to communicate to her service providers what she wanted (something to eat, something to drink, a diaper change, etc.). As with T., I can usually figure this out (combination of checklisting and past experience and the psychic ability enjoyed by caregivers who are around a lot), but she often leaves other people to ask me for something that the other people would have gotten for her if they had understood what she wanted.

It is working unbelievably well. She isn't just using the ones we got out for her -- she's going through the book to find other things to ask for. It's a little stunning. And good.
Tags: autism, daily activities
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