walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

cousin said a really nice thing

S., one of Teddy's cousins, who is, shockingly, old enough to drive and quite the soccer star, said a very nice thing about Teddy while we were all hanging out at mom-in-laws over T-day weekend. Comparisons are odious, still, when they go in Teddy's favor, I'm not likely to complain. He said: Teddy is not like my other cousins. He's quiet. He's happy all the time. He's fun to play with. He plays by himself. I like him better than my other cousins.

Now, obviously, S. has no mortal clue what life around Teddy 24X7 is like; he played with him for a few hours spread over one 24 hour period, and there were a lot of other people helping entertain Teddy. That said, that's basically his experience of his other cousins as well, subject to the fact that the other cousins are older and have therefore had more time to irritate him. Still, it was a sweet thing to say, and one is not inclined to think that an adolescent boy immersed in a football game is shining one on.

S.'s mother kept trying to say that was what S. and his older sister M. were like when they were babies: very, very easy. M. and S. were openly skeptical. One suspects they've heard other stories from their mama on other occasions, when she was feeling less charitable towards them. I did not know M. or S. when they were little; I'm inclined to believe their mama.
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