walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Where are the March 2011 numbers from AAP?

Here are the dates on press releases for previous months:

April 14 (for February)
March 17 (for January)
February 16 (for year end)
January 14 (for November)
December 8 (for October)
November 8 (for September)


I don't see press releases for earlier months, however, it's possible I am failing to see a link somewhere. Because I don't have earlier press releases, I can't do a year-over-year comparison -- perhaps they always run late in the middle of the year?

I really don't sit around checking this every day, nor have I set up a reminder to check. It just occurred to me that the numbers were probably out since it was the middle of the month and I went to look.

The absence of the numbers, however, is fertile ground for speculation. AAP has been saying that digital numbers were strong for some reason associated with the holidays and/or the gift cards kiddies got at the holidays or whatever, however, that excuse will be kinda thin if March was strong for digital.

Perhaps they'll be posted tomorrow. Maybe I'll go look around for speculation elsewhere.
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