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Romney, Health Care and Fundraising

I live in the state that benefits from the bipartisan efforts under Romney to get universal health care coverage. I know people who specifically benefit from it. While I, personally, have significant prejudices against Mormons in general and I don't trust Romney in particular because I don't think he'll be reliable on choice issues, I have been a little surprised by how thoroughly he has been dissed in this still-early run-up to the presidential primary. Yes, I know, Republicans who participate in primaries are not known for moderation, and Romney's about as close to a moderate choice as can be found in a weird and ambiguous field.

James Oliphant writing for the LA Times, however, has finally found a hook for a non-dismissive story about Romney.


The first para is "don't write him off, he raised a bundle". The second is "he tried to explain MassCare". The third is "Christie was nice to him". Then there's sum-up of who's out (Trump, Huckabee) and in (Gingrich), and how Gingrich f*ed up by taking on Ryan and then backpedaling, and how Nikki Haley jumped on Gingrich (among others, including Limbaugh who is conspicuously _NOT_ mentioned in the article). Then there's compare/contrast of fundraising between Romney and Ron Paul. Inevitably, wrapping up with Daniels.

Here are some more predictions for us to chuckle over in the future when most of them turn out to be totally wrong:

Daniels is not going to run.

Romney will be the Republican candidate.
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