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Initials in the news: DSK head of IMF arrested in NYC

Translation: the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was staying at a Sofitel in New York City. A maid at the hotel has accused him of committing crimes against her and he has been arrested (quite dramatically -- taken off an Air France flight after leaving in such disarray that he left his cell phone behind, at least according to some coverage). The police have taken DNA samples, so anyone thinking this is going to devolve into he-said-she-said probably will be forced into a very lengthy explanation if there's skin under fingernails and defensive wounds. Further, it's more of a he-said/they-said at best.


A journalist/novelist in France, Tristane Banon says even her mother pressured her not to press charges against DSK for something similar that happened in 2002.

DSK was expected to run successfully for President of France and their registration/campaign/election timeline is drastically compressed compared to ours. This is extremely disruptive to the political process in France, far more so than the John Edwards scandal, which is the most similar recent event in the US.

The above is my summary of the coverage I've been cackling over for the last dayish. Here's the commentary bit: a _maid_ got taken _seriously_! For accusing a powerful man staying in a $3000/night hotel room! There are signs of _light_ in this country.


Here's a summary of what they're hearing in France:


DSK says he was at lunch with his daughter and the timeline doesn't work out.
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