walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Genealogical Musings

R. has identified an interesting pattern among some of his French-Canadian ancestors. In a genealogy of a particular name C. (I've been asked to anonymize this), each generation on multiple branches has numerous sons who are listed as dying unmarried. Their siblings who did reproduce had _lots_ of kids. Some of these sons lived with other people of the same last name as adults (unclear what the precise relationship was). Some of these guys died living alone (unclear whether they were roomers or in a separate building, but certainly not part of a family unit).

R. says I can ask the question: "Did we find gay genes?" He wants to be really clear. Among the O. families he has researched, they _all_ get married. The unmarried men C. also had a tendency to move around a bit more often (but only very slightly more often -- one move, versus none). They did not necessarily move far and they stayed within a larger kinship network -- five to ten villages over and within a community of other people with their last name.

When doing genealogy, it's easy to see the past through the lens of the family that we have known over our lives. And this pattern really snapped into focus for R. (His other theory is Asperger's.)
Tags: genealogy
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