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cold, cold, cold

It is fall again in New England. Well, it was all along; we could tell because there are leaves everywhere. But it was so rainy and warm (60ish) last week, you would think it had skipped winter and moved right into spring again. Complete with ticks and mosquitos. Grr. Oh well. It has cleared up and gotten cold (below 40, all day long as near as I could tell) again. We went very briefly to the park, and left after 20 minutes because we were the only people there and Teddy was getting pretty cold.

We made pumpkin pies last night. I meant to make _one_ pie, and we wound up with one round pie, one square pie and two custards. I promptly ate the (crust-free) custards. Yum. If you make that much extra pumpkin with only the ingredients of a single pie recipe, it still sets up nicely, but is, presumably, considerably healthier. We used maple syrup and dark brown sugar for sweetener, coconut milk, the usual eggs, and ginger/cinnamon/cardamom/coriander for the spices. I _hate_ nutmeg and cloves. It was very, very tasty. I used My-Del graham crackers and the recipe on the box to make a graham cracker crust. I had some of the square pie today; very yummy. I have frozen the round pie. I am going to bring it to T-day at C.'s so we have dessert we know we can eat. Teddy likes it, too, which is a nice bonus.

I have been an exceptionally bad parent recently, and taken to watching DVDs during the day while hanging out with Teddy. _Miss Congeniality 2_ had, as I have come to expect from Sandra Bullock movies, a truly excellent sound track. _You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train_ was good, but I'm glad I got it (along with the previous) from Netflix. Not that it makes much difference; these have been sitting around for months. That leaves _Blade 2_ (which even I draw the line at watching with the kid in the room). I have reduced the Netflix subscription to 1 at a time, 2 max, since it is taking me so damn long to watch these things. Just keeping up with The Daily Show, the Colbert Report and Countdown -- even without the commercials -- pretty much uses up all my time to watch TV, even with the kid in the room.

Teddy _really_ likes the opening credit sequence on The Colbert Report. Which raises a whole list of interesting questions.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but Teddy can now operate tot loks. Very cool, but now it is important to keep the magnets away from him when he isn't within easy sight.

I'm currently reading _Overshoot_. It is interesting. I'll be posting a lot of details about this later, somewhere.

I read _Kris Longknife: Resolute_, which was good. Spoiler: Hank is out of the picture BUT he has a mysterious twin Victoria "Vicky". Oh, and the planet she's protecting this time is another libertarian utopia.

I also read _Santa Baby_, which is three novellas, one by Crusie, one by Lori Foster and one by Carly Phillips. I like the first two authors; I'm mostly indifferent to the third. The Foster is a lot like a Jayne Ann Krentz novel from the mid 90s. The Phillips I've apparently already mostly forgotten (oh, wait, girl from women's shelters and abuse background becomes lawyer, makes a play for her colleague, no, wait, it's his twin brother who is a private investigator who lives over a bar -- yeah, I think I'll go back to forgetting it). The Crusie was genuinely weird, even for Crusie. The toy-of-the-year is a GI Joe like doll that spits toxic waste but is called something-or-other MacGuffin (ha! And yes, the doll _is_ a MacGuffin). Toys from China, spies, double agents, more spies, microdot code books, thumb drives -- it's like she wrote it with Bob Mayer (who gets a little credit in the ack), but not. Genuinely weird. But fun. As usual, there is someone who is drinking far, far too much, and our heroine is trying to hold it all together for the Sake of, in this case, the nephew.

I also finished David Guterson's _Family Matters_, which sort of let me down when I picked it up again, because he was whinging on about parents who are away from their kids all day trying to escape them on evenings and weekends, too. Normally, I'm right there with him. But right at that moment, I was hiding from Teddy because I'd spent far too many hours with him in a row, and I was mostly sympathizing with the escapees. Still, an excellent book all round; I've ordered a copy of my own.

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