walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

What Is the Relevant Metaphor for This Situation?


"In the past week, three major publishers have announced vertical communities dedicated to engaging with readers, especially those of genre fiction: Book Country, from Penguin, Criminal Element, from Macmillan, and F+W Crime, from F+W Media and Tyrus Books. It’s been approximately 2 years since the founding of Tor.com, one of the first publisher created community sites for fantasy/science fiction readers. What sort of results are publishers seeing from audience engagement in niches?"

Hmmm, there are publisher "communities" with forums? Let me check that out.

*Quickie visit to Tor.com*

Okay, here's the question. Is this a case of "day late and a dollar short" or "locking the barn door after the departure of the horse?"

Or am I just too cynical?

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