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As in, Ergo Baby Carrier. I bought one, also many accessories, including the backpack which attaches to the ergo, the front pouch (ditto) and the papoose coat, which Teddy's head does indeed poke through when we put this all on. Well, I haven't tried the backpack yet, but I got him on (it took about 8 tries, but boy was he tolerant) with the assistance of a mirror (should have done that the first time). I got the coat on (about three tries, ditto). Then I realized I was still in pajamas, so I had to find some jeans and get into those, which I did with the kid on my back because no way was I going through all that again. Then socks. Then shoes. Then the coat. Then realized the kid didn't have a jacket or hat on, but I decided screw that, he's going to be warm enough. And out the door for about a half mile walk to see if it was okay for both of us. It was, altho he kept twisting around and off to the side to look at things. It was still fairly comfortable (is this because more time has passed since the pregnancy? Is it just a better carrier? Is it because he's older?) -- the best of all the carriers I've tried so far. After putting him down for a nap, I figured out how to attach the backpack, and transferred about half the contents of the diaper bag into it. If that works, the next step will be to walk down to the library with him on my back for lapsit on Saturday. And if that doesn't totally kill me, when the weather is better, we'll try for the playground.

I should probably take a picture of us all set up and out walking. It must look kinda funny.

This was all after a night in which Teddy spent the better part of 2-3 a.m. thrashing around and eventually
peeing, somehow missing his diaper (it was probably on crooked) and soaking the sheet. *sigh*
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