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Book Design

Konrath says he uses CreateSpace to produce paper versions of the books he is selfpublishing. He points to this woman's website as who he has do the design (since more than cover art is required).


"What Costs are Involved?
• Every project is different, but most interior design/layout projects run $200
• Spine and back cover design start at $200
• Interior design+spine design+back cover design receives $50 off, with further discounts for multiple projects"

The assumption appears to be that you would already have cover art, but that would need to be expanded into a full cover/spine design, thus, there would still be cost to put together the cover art.


Back in March, John Locke did a guest post/interview on Konrath's blog.


"Who does your cover art? How much does it cost to self-publish?

John: Claudia Jackson, of Telemachus Press, does all my cover design. She charges $995 to publish an eBook, including cover creation, and distribution to multiple ebook formats. Any art work she purchases for the projects are extra, but reasonable. It's nice to be able to write the book, send it to her, and not have to fool with the process. And Telemachus puts the Ebook accounts in the author's name, so I get all the profits. To me, it's a no-brainer."

ETAYA: I didn't dig into the comments, altho the first one seemed to be poking at how much money Locke was spending on cover design. I will merely note here that Locke's cover art is _really good_ and I haven't had that reaction to most of the other covers I've been seeing for ebooks in Konrath's multiple guest posts by people making the transition to ebook/selfpub. Sometimes, maybe you do get what you pay for?

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