walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Interactive Books

Interactive books -- mostly in theory, but with some practice -- have a long and often sordid history, full of huge promise and promises and light on execution. Also, very heavy on orphaned technologies.

Regular readers may recall that I was enthused about the Random House _Pat the Bunny_ iPad book/app, and I may have also favorably described the Disney Puzzle books. In general, however, discussion of a book with extras tends to get me even less excited than the prospect of buying a CD which comes with extras like videos.

In the latter part of this post on Konrath's blog (mostly a guest post by Mayer), Konrath says (as part of some heated description about "legacy publishers" who have rights to his backlist and their pricing and royalty structure on those rights):

"I'm going to exploit my interactive multimedia rights, release my backlist as enhanced ebooks, and UNDERCUT YOU ON THE PRICE."

Wow. That _is_ exciting.

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