walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Rout, Konrath and Eisler, a future model for publishing/agenting

R.'s theory about why there is no hype is that this isn't a revolution; it's a rout. Here's a quote for anyone contemplating that idea:


In a long discussion with Barry Eisler about a variety of things especially Amanda Hocking's recent 4 book deal for $2 million, Joe Konrath says this:

"Will there be any bookstores left in 2016? Those reading this might be saying “Of course there will be, dummy!” But what if I said, back in 2006, “Will Borders declare bankruptcy and B&N’s stock reach an all time low?” Would anyone have agreed?"

That's sort of an interesting question to ask.

ETA: Later in the same piece there's an extensive discussion involving Dean Wesley Smith about Konrath's "estribution" model. Smith hates the idea of paying anyone a percentage for anything. Amazingly -- and cogently -- Konrath argues in favor of a 15% cut to someone who does what publishers and agents should be / are doing now, only in a digital world. It's quite odd watching Konrath lay out in detail what the model for publishing should be going forward.

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