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ebook coverage: pricing, size of market


I was a little surprised at the quality and balance of Erik Sherman's article. His thesis is simple and captured by his headline. He notes the AAP numbers (and their limitations), points to a pricing analysis at Kindle Nation Daily (itself an excellent analysis), mentions Amanda Hocking, and then points out the difficulties of trying to figure out unit sales from total dollars.

I thought I might check in at Konrath's blog after reading that, where I found this:


In this entry, Konrath supplies number of sales (units, in this case) in a variety of ways. I was struck (as usual) by how large a fraction is through kindle sales (Konrath has consistently tried to make his work available on as many platforms as was feasible). His focus was mostly on the trend (the curve of is sales is still getting steeper as the year progresses).

I continue to be a little mystified by ebook coverage. It isn't laughably bad, the way it used to almost always be. The minor carping is somewhat humorous, but virtually every problem anyone identifies is associated in some commentary with really bad proposed solutions, so that's hardly unique, either.

Here's what bothers me. I've seen unbelievably hyped up will-change-the-world coverage of things we completely forget about a decade or less later (for some reason, Pen computing springs to mind, altho it is an imperfect example of this phenomenon). I feel like ebooks have never had hype the way almost everything gets hype, deserved or (more typically) not. It is _not_ a silent transition or revolution or paradigm shift; it is a revolution that is being actively denied, downplayed, ignored and fought.

But I feel like the "pro" side has been awful reticent throughout.

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