walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Memoir FAIL: Mortenson

_Three Cups of Tea_ and _Stones into Schools_ author is in some, er, hot water for "inaccuracies" in his books. _60 MINUTES_ did a piece. Geez. That is some scandal.

Here's some HuffPo follow-up:


Mortenson's books never set off my, seriously? Seriously? No, really, seriously?!? meter the way some other memoirs have. OTOH, I have never actually picked up either book and flipped through one, much less read one. I have no idea if this should have been obvious to people or not.

The math in the HuffPo article, however, is faintly amazing and I do have to wonder if this might all lead to some kind of legal action at some point.

ETA: Byliner has a long piece by Krakauer on the subject.

ETAYA: Definitely recommend the Byliner piece, which will also be released as a kindle short. Krakauer does great non-fiction, and this is no exception.

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