walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the massive failure of the "shelf of genealogies" idea

I've had a Family Register for one branch of my family since I was too young to drive, and a genealogy for another branch since I was 20. I've been good about keeping them together, but they have definitely had a tendency to migrate around shelves and other storage locations.

Lately, I've been buying them some company, and I've created a little enclave for them to live in. They have some history books to keep them company, Pearson's _Contributions_ for Schenectady (shortly to be joined by Pearson's _Contributions_ for Albany), all the Palatines by Jones, _Dear "Cousin"_, the 1954 Poage published by Higginson and the 193x Veeder, ditto. There's the two volume _Genealogies of New Jersey Families_ and some books about how to do genealogy as well (_The Source_, _History for Genealogists_, _They Came in Ships_). Oh, I see _Staten Island Church Records_, _Tracing Your Irish Ancestors_. . .

I had this lovely vision of beautiful, solidly built, acid free genealogies making my crappy little paperbacks look pathetic but beloved. But like every project I've ever undertaken, it is instead just threatening to take over an entire bookcase.
Tags: genealogy

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