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St. Francisco before 1663

Obviously, this cannot possibly be the San Francisco we are all familiar with, as it was not settled by Europeans until much, much later.

Nevertheless, Munsell's _American Ancestry_ refers to a record in the DRC Church of New Amsterdam,
New Netherland in which one Gerrit Deboog whose father was Hendrick married "Hendrickje Paden" of San Francisco. Further, the record can be found in Samuel Purple's transcriptions of those records AND EVEN IN GENLIAS! with some slight differents.

In Purple, it is "Gerrit Hendrickszen Boog" young man of Amsteram and "Hendrick Paden" of St. Francisco.

In Genlias, it is "Gerrit Hendrickszen Boog", place of birth Amsterdam, and Hendrick Paden, place of birth "Sint Francisco".

Here's the question: Where was "Sint Francisco"? Any takers? I've got a river port in Brazil as my best guess; I know the Dutch were in the area at the time, but I am not happy with this guess.

ETA: I have a boat "Sint Francisco" participating in:


for the Netherlands. I think it was part of WIC's fleet. That ship I think was lost but there's another "Sint Francisco" decades later, so there were probably a whole series of ships with that name.

I searched for "francisco 1663" (not in quotes there) on the Dutch-Colonies listserv archived at RootsWeb. That found me a whole lot of people with the last name Francisco, a few references to the same record I'm attempting to figure out (and who have absolutely nothing to contribute on the subject), and some people who have "francisco" somewhere else in the post but not in any way relevent.

*sigh* I also tried searching on "sint francisco" (in and out of quotes); nothing turned up there, either.

I'll take pretty much any suggestion at this point.
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